Family Units


Family Units are the basic foundation of St Euphrasia Syro-Malabar Parish, where all families get together as a larger family for growing together in faith and fellowship. The primary intention of Family Units is to bring together the Syro Malabar Catholic families that are increasingly being isolated and alienated by the living situations and life styles. The Family Unit members support each other with mutual understanding and trust. It also helps people to get to know others.

We have six Family Units at present, which are led by family unit leaders and guided by our Parish Priest Rev Fr. Biju Chulayillaplackal. Family Units comprise of families and bachelors. The gatherings conducted once in a month. The Family Unit leaders organizes the meetings and monitors all the activities. The parish priest is the animator of Family Unit gatherings. The members discuss the activities of the church and ways to reach out to the needy.

The monthly gatherings help members to develop love, peace, harmony and faith. Also these gatherings facilitate and encourage the younger generations to develop their creativity, talents and skills. There were different programs and activities coordinated and led by Family Units at different occasions such as Parish Day, Parish Feast, Cultural Competitions, Picnics and so on.

The Family Units have been functioning for the past four years, actively involving in all parish activities and providing the basic support system for the church. We acknowledge the effort of Rev. Fr. Fredy Eluvathingal in initiating the present Family Units system in Adelaide North. The success of the Family Units is due to the whole-hearted support from all the committed and dedicated Family Unit leaders and its members.


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